Archbishop of Turku and Finland

‘I have reflected much on what it means to hold the office of Archbishop. Where will my term of office take me and where will our Church’s journey take it? Amidst my anxiety it has been especially good to hear voices that have encouraged me to be myself. In that encouragement I have heard the message of Jesus: do not forfeit your soul. I am most grateful for this encouragement and reminder.’

Archbishop Tapio Luoma

Christmas brings hope to the world

As a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic, Christmas will be celebrated this year in exceptional circumstances. Over the last year we have had to accept restrictions and caution to protect our neighbors and loved ones. In Finland, restrictions will apply no less to this festive season, which usually involves activity and movement, coming together and being close. But Christmas hasn’t been cancelled. The celebration will go ahead, even if not all the traditions are followed.

The Christmas gospel tells of an exceptional time and unusual...

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