Archbishop of Turku and Finland

‘I have reflected much on what it means to hold the office of Archbishop. Where will my term of office take me and where will our Church’s journey take it? Amidst my anxiety it has been especially good to hear voices that have encouraged me to be myself. In that encouragement I have heard the message of Jesus: do not forfeit your soul. I am most grateful for this encouragement and reminder.’

Archbishop Tapio Luoma

Religious Communities Must Resist the Temptation of Religious Nationalism

Lots of thanks have been given to Sant’Egidio for giving floor for this kind of dialogue. I think this is the first problem in every dialogue: where to find the proper forum or floor where the dialogue can be done. The presence of different religious traditions here in Rome is hugely important. We need to meet each other in an atmosphere of understanding and in the spirit of mutual respect. I also think that in this dialogue we need a rich variety of voices, also those of women and youth.

Thank you for this discussion, it has been mos...

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